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March 28, 2006

Sampson it is

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Indiana ended the 6 weeks search with the hiring of Kelvin Sampson today.  Formerly of Oklahoma, Sampson has proven to be a winner, albeit with some difficulty in the NCAAs.  He comes to the Hoosiers with an investigation underway regarding recruiting issues, but nothing significant enough to merit his dismissal from his former team.  Most of Hoosier nation does not seem excited, some even referring to him as Davis 2.0.  However, I fully support him in the role.  And while he was not on my short list of Crean or Calipari, he is far better than what could have been with Alford or Whitman.  If he ends up being yet another transition coach, so be it.  But I think that he will be more, and can guide the Hoosiers for the next 10-15 years with some of the success that they have previously experienced.  And at that time, if a former Hoosier legend has proven himself worthy, then maybe he can take over the program.  But not until then.


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