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March 19, 2006

Big Ten teh suck

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The Hoosiers were put out of their misery last night by the Hippies from eastern Washington.  And while it was never really a game (ala NBA), they hung around long enough to help fans waste another 2 hours of their lives.  Thankfully, the Davis era is over.

As a matter of fact, the entire Big Ten was put out of their collective misery.  No Big Ten teams advanced to the Sweet 16.  Bradley did.  George Mason did.  Witicha State did.  The entire conference is in dire need of a house cleaning.  I would start with the officials.  The fact that Ed Hightower is still working games says enough about the sorry state of the league.  From there, the conference should pick up another team, and split both Basketball and Football into two 6 school divisions.  In Basketball, you would play every team in your division home-and-home annually, and every team in the other division home-and-home bi-annually.  Still have 16 conference games, but the standing would mean something and would be less arbitrary.  Conference tourney would stay the same, except 1 & 2 seeds would be the winners of their respective divisions, with the seeds falling into place based on record.  Football could be done in similar fasion, except you would only play each team in your division once annually, and the teams in the other division bi-annually.  You would have 8 conference games each year, just like now.

The real question is who to court for the 12th spot.  Notre Dame would make a great addition, with the Irish already scheduling Michigan St, Michigan, and Ohio State regularly.  But their ties to Big East basketball might make it messy.  Beyond that, there are few big time football-basketball programs that would seem to make sense.  I think this deal could have been done while the Irish were still independant for basketball and the football program was in the tank, but the Big Ten could not get it done with the ND television contract in place.  Too bad.  Now the Big Ten are just 11 teams that have time to go on Sping Break.


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