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March 17, 2006

Ugly Win

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Davis will coach another day – against the 70s looking throwback Adam Morrison with his long hair and cheesy mustache.  I will cheer hard in this one, not only to support IU, or because I bought 10 Sweet16.Indiana contracts at 30, but to show my distain for everything that is 70s.  While the 80s were generally the decade of ‘fake’, the 70s were just plain vile.  A grunge era with bad music.  Very bad music.  The only thing worse than listening to Fleetwood Mac in concert would be having to go to 2 different 3 hour document management vendor presentations on St. Patrick’s Day.

Back to basketball.  The Hoosiers did everything they could to lose this game, except score fewer points.  Poor defense, shot selection, passing, shooting, everything.  All of this begs one question – how the hell did Steve Fischer win the NCAA in 1989?  I know he had decent players, but he must have had a labotomy since.  I really had a great deal of difficulty watching the whole Hoosier game, especially since I fell asleep after I turned it off.  But the 30 minutes of “action” I saw were just plain bad.  But since Davis is gone anyway, they are playing a bunch of hippies, and I want to roll my contracts forward, I will cheer loud and proud come Saturday.


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